Suspect calculates the spectrum of supersymmetric particle mass from the fundamental parameters. Several different models are available:

  • mSUGRA
  • GMSB
  • AMSB
  • mAMSB
  • MSSM (high scale and low scale)
  • Compressed SUSY

Version 3 of Suspect is a C++ reimplementation of the fortran version 2. It contains the same calculations but is more flexible with respect to the addition of new models. In particular the separation of the first two slepton generations is now available.

Suspect is common project of Gilbert Moultaka, Jean-Loic Kneur (L2C), Abdelhak Djouadi (LPT Orsay), Michael Ughetto and Dirk Zerwas (LAL) with further contributions from Steve Muanza (CPPM) and Rima El Khosseifi. For more information please consult the official Web-page of Suspect!

Group member : Dirk Zerwas (staff)