Jets and missing transverse momentum search

Supersymmetry searches in R-parity conserving supergravity inspired scenarios have been one of the highlights of the LHC program since its inception. In these scenarios, the Lighest Supersymmetric Particle (LSP) is supposed to be neutral, stable and weakly interacting, usually the lighest of the neutral gauginos / higgsinos (neutralinos), leading to the famous missing transverse momentum (MET) signature. The searches do not rely on explicit minimal-supergravity (mSUGRA) mass hierarchies: when possible loose requirements on the mass spectrum are applied.

Here, pair production of colored SUSY particles (gluinos and/or squarks) that decay to quarks and missing transverse momentum is investigated. This final state has the highest mass reach but other final states are covered by other ATLAS analyses, like lepton(s)+jets+MET, dedicated b-jets+MET, dedicated searches for stop pair production and for gaugino production.

The search is based on kinematic cuts and separation in several topologies based on the number of jets. In addition to the signal rich regions, control regions for the main background sources are built which allows for a simultaneous fit for signal and background levels.

The final Run 2 results with 139fb-1 have been published (JHEP 02 (2021) 143) and are also available from the ATLAS web site or inpire.

Results in the gluino pair production with direct decays to jets simplified model

Older results:

Group members : Baptiste Abeloos (former PHD student), Christina Agapopoulos (PhD student), Laurent Duflot (staff), Nikola Makovec (staff), François Niedercorn (former PhD student)