SFitter collaboration


Determining fundamental parameters from a system where the data are correlated, statistical errors are both poisson and Gaussian, systematic errors intervene and last not least theoretical errors play an important role, is the goal of the SFitter project.

One example is the determination of the couplings of the Higgs boson. A description of the techniques based on Monte Carlo studies was published in JHEP. A first attempt at a multi-parameter coupling fit using data was published in PRL. Another study was on the complementarity of the HL-LHC and the ILC.

If supersymmetry exists, determining supersymmetric parameters from experimental measurements be it at the LHC, the ILC or including indirect constraints from precision measurements will be a central task. As most of the observables depend on more than one single supersymmetric parameter, complex tools such as SFitter will be necessary to unravel the underlying structure of the theory, but already today the measurements of the electroweak sector, the Higgs boson properties, the measurement of the relic density have allowed us to constrain high scale models as well as low scale models in our publication in collaboration with the Planck group at LAL.

The publications by the SFitter group are listed here.

Group members : Laurent Duflot, Sophie Henrot-Versillé, Dirk Zerwas

Visitor: Anja Butter (ITP Heidelberg)