The ATLAS Distributed Computing goals can be roughly split in three domains : data handling (reconstruction, distribution, storage), simulated events production, and user support for physics analysis on the grid. The group contributes to each of these areas :

Responsibilities into the French computing :

  • Laurent Duflot (staff) is scientific coordinator of LHC-France that overview the LHC Grid activities in France

Simulated events production and the French cloud :

Simulation production takes place in the computing centres, and a good interaction between the ATLAS collaboration and the sites is essential. LAL/IJCLAB obviously participates to the software and computing in ATLAS France, but more precisely to :

  • The global resources via the Tier 2 called GRIF (Grille Ile de France)
  • Luc Poggioli (former staff) was responsible of the CAF group (Calcul Atlas France)

Distributed Analysis Support Team (DAST) :

An overview of the task and success of the Distributed Analysis System for Run 1 can be found in this talk given at the CHEP 2013 conference.

Laurent Duflot contributes to this area by taking DAST shifts, which provide user support for all physics analysis running on the grid.

Claire Adam (former staff) was co-responsible for the computing shifts organization : see a poster and a talk at the CHEP conference 2013.