The ATLAS LAr Calorimeter

The design, construction and installation of the electromagnetic calorimeter involved many people in the LAL for about 20 years, from the first ideas in 1990 to the very first data recorded in 2009.

Some of this story is illustrated (in French) in a special  LAL info bulletin (2006) and in the « Rapports d’Activité » 2008-2010 , 2005-2007 , 2003-2004. Christophe de la Taille gives here examples of the links with industry and the talk given (in English) by Daniel Fournier on the Status of calorimetry at the LHC at the CALOR 2002 conference contains photos of the construction and installation.

A set of nice pictures or the « zig-zag structure », and early electronics work can be found in the Phototheque CNRS (look for Experience ATLAS), photos of the cryostat and assembly can be found in the gallery of ATLAS best photos (follow Calorimeters, Liquid Argon and Barrel).

Colleagues expressed their pride and views in 2012, when Daniel Fournier received the Prix J. Ricard . He gave in 2013 an overview of the technical challenges .

The ATLAS collaboration public results web page contains reference links and the latest news on Detector Systems, Luminosity and Data Taking .

Contact : Daniel Fournier.