The group has had major contributions in different part of the software of the collaboration, in particular :

  • CMT, the configuration management tool used in the collaboration has been designed, built, and constantly improved until the end of run1 (now being replaced by a new generation).
  • Databases : development of conditions and TAG databases
  • many contributions since 2002 on the core framework (Athena) and associated tools, in particular for persistency
  • many contributions to the calorimeter software: geant4 simulation, digitization, calibration, event data model, reconstruction
  • many contributions to the general reconstruction and analysis software

Current activities are :

  • Event Management Board : Schaffer
  • Complete rewriting of the Conditions database : Rybkin
  • EventIndex : Hrivnac

The group also participates to the projet AIDA2020 software, which is not exclusively ATLAS but will provide generic software :
Parallèlisation framework : Rousseau, Chamont, Jouvin, Grasland
Tracking parallèle : Rousseau, Chamont, Jouvin, Touze, Grasland