LArg Upgrade

The group is involved into Phase 1 and Phase 2 activities :

LAr Phase 1 :

  • trigger LTDB : RD Schaffer (staff), Stephane Simion (engineer)

LAr Phase 2 Preamplifier – shaper

  • Physicists : Laurent Serin, Laurent Duflot, Sumit Keshri (post-doc), Konie Al’Khoury (PhD), Nicolas Morange, RD Schaffer
  • Engineers : Aboud Fallou, Beng Yean Ky, Alexandre Migayron, A. Perus, Sébastien Pitrel, Stefan Simion, François Wicek
  • Engineers at Omega : Sylvie Blin, Selma Conforti, Pierrick Dinaucourt, Gisèle Martin-Chassard, Nathalie Segin-Moreau, Christophe de la Taille

LAr Phase 2 calibration board

  • Physicists : Laurent Serin

past members