Publications and Talks


The page containing ATLAS public results is the reference to be used for all publications, either in scientific reviews or HEP conferences. A subset of the topics is also presented – in a nicer way – in the ATLAS public web site Briefings

The Speakers Committee decides on the Talks at international conferences and workshops . Each year, about 700 conference talks are allocated : ATLAS members need to have done a certain amount of service work (OTP points) to be designated.

The Publication Committee recommends guidelines to the ATLAS Collaboration Board with regards to the ATLAS publications policies and ensure the overall quality of ATLAS documents released to the general public. This includes:
– overseeing the preparation and publication of ATLAS general papers
– reviewing ATLAS public notes and project publications
– ensuring uniformity of quality and style of ATLAS results, conference proceedings, and abstracts.
– identify suitable journals for ATLAS publications

Several group members are involved in one (or more, and sometimes many !) editorial boards, which follow the analysis content and documentation for months before and after the « unblinding ».