The LAL had a leading role in the design and construction of the ATLAS Liquid Argon calorimeter. More details and « souvenirs » about the construction and installation phases can be found in the corresponding sub-page.

We now contribute to the data taking and operation of the calorimeter by :

  • Maintenance of the LAr front end electronics
  • Daily operations (shifts, experts on call)
  • Electronics calibration (ECAL team)
  • Development of algorithms to reject noisy events based on the signal pulse shape
  • In situ calibration and alignment.
  • Monitoring of the calorimeter temperatures.

Following this path, the group is strongly involved in the Combined and Performance groups which perform photon, electron, jet and missing energy reconstruction.

Many of the past and present PhD students are doing their « qualification work » in this field:  see for example François Niedercorn, Jean-Baptiste Blanchard, Jean-Baptiste Sauvan, Xifeng Ruan, Huong Lan Tran, Narei Lorenzo Martinez, Cyril Bécot, Christophe Goudet, Antoine Laudrain PhD’s

Group members : Laurent Duflot (staff), Lydia Fayard (staff), Daniel Fournier (staff), Thibault Guillemin (former staff), Sophie Henrot-Versillé (former staff), Nicolas Morange (staff), RD Schaffer (staff), Laurent Serin (staff), Stefan Simion (engineer), Jean Baptiste de Vivie de Régie (former staff).