Several years after the Higgs discovery, one of the main goals for the current LHC run is to measure its properties with the highest possible precision. The group contributes to the study of the Higgs boson in several ways :

  • The analysis of each channel is summarized in each subpage : in two photons, in Z and W, two tau leptons and two b quarks. The expertise gained in individual channels is used for the combination and measurement of the Higgs couplings
  • Three LAL physicist have been coordinators of the ATLAS Higgs groups : Guillaume Unal (now CERN staff), Louis Fayard and Marumi Kado (current physics coordinator)
  • The list of PhD’s (with links to the text and sometimes video) can be found here
  • The LAL organizes every year a conference called Higgs Hunting.

List of ATLAS publications on the Higgs

Looking back at the discovery time and events: