ITK: upgrade Pixel Phase 2

In the framework of the HL-LHC upgrade, the ATLAS experiment plans to introduce an all-silicon inner tracker (called ITK) to cope with the elevated occupancy. The challenges and goals of the Upgrade program of LHC detectors are discussed in this academic training course which summarizes the 2013 ECFA workshop .

Final decisions on the design and technical choices will be published in the Technical Design Report (TDR) by the end of 2017. Some information on the LAL and contribution can be found in :

PhD students thesis:

  • Studies for an improved pixel detector system for the ATLAS upgrade towards HL-LHC, by Evangelos Gkougkousis ( 4/2/2016 ) : PhD
  • Contribution à la construction du détecteur interne d’ATLAS pour la phase haute luminosité et physique de Top, by A. Bassalat (2011) : poster

Conference talks and posters:

  • Achievements of the ATLAS upgrade Planar Pixel Sensors R&D Project: PSD conférence talk Surrey (GB), 2014, by Clara Nellist.
  • Module and electronics developments for the ATLAS ITK pixel system: IEEE conference Strasbourg (F), 2016, by Clara Nellist.

Physicists : A. Lounis (staff), P. Petroff (staff), J. Tanaka (staff), C. Nellist (postdoc), T. Rashid (PhD student), D. Varouchas (staff)
IT permanents : Maurice Cohen-Solal, Abdelmowafak El Berni, Olivier Lemaire, Jimmy Jeglot, Christophe Sylvia, Stéphane Trochet